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Hommage To Diller: A Tribute to the American De Stijl Visionary


Step into the vibrant world of De Stijl with "Hommage To Diller," a tapestry that pays tribute to the lesser-known American member of the De Stijl movement, Burgoyne Diller. This piece is a celebration of Diller's contribution to the iconic art movement, bringing to life the primary colors that are so characteristic of De Stijl, in a vivid and dynamic composition.


Crafted with a special combination of New Zealand wool and linen, this tapestry offers a rich texture that adds depth and dimension to the artwork. The choice of materials not only ensures a vibrant display of colors but also introduces a tactile element, inviting viewers to not only see but feel the art, adding a layer of immersion to your space.


Available in Three Exclusive Sizes:

  • Small: 120 cm x 120 cm / 47.24" x 47.24"
  • Medium: 150 cm x 150 cm / 59.1" x 59.1"
  • Large: 200 cm x 200 cm / 78.7" x 78.7"


Each size offers a different experience, allowing the rich and vibrant blocks of primary colors to play differently in your space, bringing a touch of modernity and a nod to a historic art movement into any environment.


"Hommage To Diller" is more than just a tapestry; it's a celebration of De Stijl, a tribute to Burgoyne Diller, and a vibrant addition to your collection, promising to be a centerpiece that sparks conversation and admiration in any space it adorns.


For custom sizes and/or materials, please contact me.

Please allow for 6-10 weeks for production and shipping. 

Hommage To Diller 'Tapestry'

€ 1.700,00Price
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