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Wabi Sabi 1: A Tapestry Where Japanese Philosophy Meets Geometric Abstraction

Explore the world of Wabi Sabi with this hand-tufted tapestry, a piece where the Japanese philosophy of embracing imperfection meets the modern geometric abstraction and hard-edge art style. Crafted meticulously with 100% New Zealand wool, "Wabi Sabi 1" brings a unique blend of color blocks that are both a visual delight and a statement of deep philosophy.

Available in Three Exclusive Sizes:

  • Small: 90 cm x 150 cm / 35.4" x 59.1" inch
  • Medium: 135 cm x 225 cm / 53.1" x 88.6" inch
  • Large: 180 cm x 300 cm / 70.9" x 118.1" inch


Each size offers a different experience, allowing the rich and vibrant blocks of color to play differently in your space, bringing warmth, depth, and a touch of modernity to any environment.

Crafted through the hand-tufted technique, a process that promises durability and a rich texture, this tapestry is not just an artwork but a piece that adds a layer of sophistication and a splash of vibrant colors to your living space.


Embrace the Wabi Sabi philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection through this exclusive tapestry, a piece that promises to be a conversation starter, adding a touch of elegance and modernity to your space.


For custom sizes and/or materials, please contact me.

Please allow for 6-10 weeks for production and shipping. 

Wabi Sabi 1 'Tapestry'

€ 1.700,00Price
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